Pure Tree Certified Organic Nutmeg Whole

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  • Add great flavor to dishes
  • Aromatic and Flavourful
  • Rich in antioxidant

Nutmeg Whole, Jaiphal Seed, Jaifal Whole

Size: 150g-Glass Bottle

150g-Glass Bottle
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About The Product

ORGANIC NUTMEG WHOLE- It is derived from the seed of nutmeg tree, Jaiphal is available in both whole and ground form. whole nutmeg can be grated before use, pre-ground nutmeg is more convinient to use.


USE- Grate a bit of whole Nutmeg to soups and stews and beverages. Jaiphal pairs well with flavors like pumpkin, butternut squash, and potato etc It adds a warm and aromatic quality to your dishes.


HEALTH BENEFITS- Jaiphal, famed for its robust flavor in diverse cuisines, also boasts significant health perks; Nutmeg aids in digestion and enhancing sleep quality, making it an enticing spice.


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