Certified Organic Rawa | Sooji | Indian Semolina

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  • Rich in iron
  • Rich in B vitamins
  • Boost energy

Size: 900g

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About The Product
  • Semolina, also known as Suji, is the coarse, refined middling of durum wheat.
  • Semolina, or Rava, is a great source of essential vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients, and can help boost various bodily functions.
  • Pure Tree Organic Suji is made from coarsely ground whole wheat, providing excellent taste and texture.
  • Semolina is a staple in Indian cuisine, used in dishes like rava idlis, dosa, upma, halwa, and more. A popular treat made with semolina and milk is called Sheera.


Suji is prepared coarsely ground whole wheat, it has great taste and texture. Semolina is a staple ingredient in Indian cusine and is well known for boosting energy. Semolina is an excellent source of protein and fiber and also a rich source of iron, B vitamins such as thiamine and folate


Sooji has a low glycemic index, light stomach and it keeps you full for longer. It can be a healthy option in conditions like diabetes, weight loss and anemia.


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