Certified Organic Jaggery Powder | Gur Shakkar Powder

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  • May aid in digestion
  • Rich in Iron
  • Helps detoxify body

Size: 400g

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About The Product
  • Jaggery, also known as Gur, is a natural sweetener made from unrefined sugar cane juice. The juice is boiled until it solidifies into a block of jaggery, which can then be ground into a powder.
  • Unlike white sugar, jaggery has many health benefits such as detoxifying the body, aiding digestion, and being rich in iron and other minerals. In India, jaggery is commonly used in traditional sweets and desserts.
  • Jaggery powder can be used as a healthier alternative to white sugar in a variety of dishes, including cakes, pancakes, baked goods, tea, and coffee.


Jaggery commonly known as Gur is made from sugarcane, and is obtained by boiling raw concentrated sugar cane juice till it solidifies.


Jaggery has numerous health benefits. Jaggery detoxifies the body, aid in digestion and rich in iron and other minerals. Jaggery is used in traditional Indian sweets. Jaggery powder is used as a replacement of white sugar in cakes, pancakes, bakery items, tea, coffee.


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