Certified Organic Black Pepper Powder, Kali Mirch Powder, Black Peppercorn Aromatic Miriyalu Powder Spices

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  • May lower risk of chronic illness
  • Reduces Inflammation and pain
  • Boost immunity

Kali Mirch

Size: 80g-Glass Jar

80g-Glass Jar
100g-Refill Pack
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About The Product
  • Piper Nigrum, also known as black pepper, is native to the tropical forests of the Malabar coast in southwest India, around Kerala, Goa, and Karnataka.
  • It has a long history and was once known as Black Gold due to its popularity.
  • Black pepper is made from the dried unripe fruit, known as peppercorn, and adds a distinctive flavor and aroma to food while also acting as a natural preservative.
  • Piperine, a bio-active compound found in black pepper, offers various health benefits such as boosting immunity and lowering the risk of chronic illnesses.
  • It is also responsible for the pungent taste of black pepper.


Black pepper offers health benefits through its bioactive compound piperine. Piperine, a natural alkaloid, gives black pepper its pungent taste and also health boosting properties.


Piperine, an antioxidant, helps lower risk of chronic illnesses, reduces inflammation and boosts immunity.


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