Certified Organic | Idli Rice | Unpolished | South Indian Rice | Parboiled Rice

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  • Parboiled rice
  • Excellent taste
  • Unpolished

Size: 900g

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About The Product
  • Idli rice is a specific variety of rice cultivated in South India, primarily for making idlis, a popular South Indian steamed rice cake.
  • It is known for its short, plump grains and high starch content, which is essential for achieving the desired soft and fluffy texture in idlis.
  • Idli rice is typically parboiled, a process that involves partially boiling the rice in the husk before milling, which enhances its nutritional value.


Idli rice is parboiled rice, which is processed in three steps of soaking, steaming and drying with husk. Parboiled rice processing enhances its nutritional profile. It is richer in fiber, calcium, potassium and vitamin B6 than regular white rice.


Idli rice, also known as ukda rice, is a short grain, aromatic variety with medium amylose. It is easy to digest and light on the stomach. Its texture is perfect for preparing soft and fluffy idlis.


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