Certified Organic Coriander Cumin Powder | Jeera Dhaniya Powder

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  • Contains essential oil
  • Supports digestive system
  • Add great flavour to the dishes

Size: 100g

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About The Product

Our Coriander Cumin Powder is sourced from a certified organic supplier and can be traced back to its origin.


Dhaniya Jeera also popularly known as 'Dhanajiru' is a farganant spice mix of cumin and coriander seeds. It is widely used in Gujrati cuisine. Coriander has citrusy floral fragrance and cumin has an earthy flavour which makes a perfect spicy mix for Savourites, Shaak, dal etc.


Dhaniya Jeera, as an aromatic mixture finds widespread use in Gujarati cuisine, imparting a distinctive and delightful flavor to a variety of dishes. Its earthy notes of cumin complement the citrusy brightness of coriander, creating a harmonious symphony of flavors that elevate the taste of traditional Gujarati recipes.


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